Believing that we belong to each other, the Des Moines Collective exists to reconnect our relationship with those living in the margins. 

Our goal isn't to do something different, but to imagine what we can do together. Listening to the needs of our neighbors and our communities reveals healthy opportunities for collaboration and developmentally centered engagement. We want to be a resource to the city of Des Moines and build a network dedicated to helping people do even better work engaging the marginalized.


Keaton and Aundrea have been married for three years. They live in Downtown Des Moines. They have two cats, Henry and Willow. At this time, Aundrea will not allow Keaton to shave them to look like Lions. Stay tuned.



Jeremy and Shana have been married for eight years. They have two kids, Henry and Oliver. They live in an under-resourced community near Downtown Des Moines. Jeremy has fallen off of seven roofs. More to come I'd guess.