Together, we can do something special. Separately, we can do something.

Our goal isn't to do something different, but to imagine what we can do together. Collaborating can be defined so many ways. It includes sharing resources, developing joint strategies, and leveraging each others unique skills to get the job done. But it means so much more than sharing the glory of an achieved outcome. At the heart of it is honestly sharing in each other pain as well as each others joy. It's believing that we belong to each other. 

Our hope is to build a network of individuals, organizations, and neighborhoods that work together to as advocates for those whose voices have been muted. We're excited to work with those who love Des Moines and every person in it as much as we do.

Building a network

Let us know a little more about you. We would love to learn from you, hear your story, and help connect you and your organization with our other partners in Des Moines and the surrounding areas.

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