the transition from relief to development

Engagement is typically the exciting part. It feels really good to do something tangible for our neighbors. It's almost addicting. But every now and then, we have to step back and evaluate the real impact of our actions. Does the community really need what we're giving? Is our sense of accomplishment more important than the people we're serving?

 We agree there is a time for immediate action. Emergencies require relief. Sandbags need filled when the flood is coming, but who is drawing up plans to build a better levee? We have to intentionally transition our relief efforts into developmentally centered engagement.  There isn't a formula for success, but we believe listening and collaborating first better informs our engagement.

At the Des Moines Collective, we're taking our own advice. We're listening to the marginalized community and building a network of organizations committed to eliminating those margins. Join us at one of our events as we listen and learn how we can most effectively serve our city.