Listening creates a world of new possibilities.

Listening is essential. It shapes our speech. It's how we learn. In regards to our communities, not listening robs people of the dignity of participating in the development process, isolates us and keeps our relationships shallow, and establishes echo chambers constantly affirming our "rightness".

We're excited to share our thoughts and thrilled you're tuning in, but we don't have it all figured out. We want to hear from you. If you hear something that you love, frustrates you, makes you think, or makes you say "that can't be right?", then let us know. A podcast isn't normally a conversation, but we hope this all becomes an ongoing dialog. We'll take some time, every now and then, to reply to your questions and read through your thoughts. Doing this work together helps us surrender our "rightness" to the needs, experiences, and perspective of the community.

Loving your neighbor starts with learning their name.